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We believe the Bible to be inspired, authoritative, infallible Word of God.
We believe in the One True and Living God who possesses wisdom, holiness, righteousness; the Creator and Sustainer of all things, both visible and invisible; the God who is all powerful, all knowing and ever-present.

We believe that the Godhead consists of a union of Trinity; three persons and one essence - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

We believe in the Deity of the Son of God the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, His Anointed and Holy, only Begotten Son who died on the Cross at Calvary, was buried, resurrected within three days and ascended to the Father on High.

We believe in the sufficiency of the Holy Scriptures for salvation to a lost and dying world through confession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and His resurrection according to Romans 10:9-10.

We believe in the Water Baptism by immersion as an outward sign of profession, and mark of difference; evidence to the world community of one's confession in the Lord Jesus Christ following the new birth or new life in Christ.

We believe that man is justified or declared righteous by faith in what Jesus Christ has done as the only true and living sacrifice for the sins of the world; Jesus Christ having died on the Cross bearing the sins of mankind in His body that men could be dead to sin and live unto righteousness. Because of His death, those who believe will have eternal life.

We believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the Evidence of speaking in other tongues; this experience brings the inducement of power for ministry service and will sanctify the believer to a life of holiness through His indwelling presence.

We believe that good works are fruit of faith and are pleasing and acceptable to God in Christ and result from true and living faith.

We believe in divine healing, prayer and medicinal assistance for the sick and afflicted.

We believe in a real heaven for the saints of God and eternal damnation to hell and the lake of fire for the unjust (those who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior by believing in Him according to the Holy Scriptures).

We believe in the Sacraments of Baptism, Holy Communion and Marriage.

We believe in the Ministry of Giving through Tithes, Offerings, Vows, and Alms to the Poor which are necessary to sustain the Church, its Leaders, and Missions Outreach.

We honor God's Holy Days as set forth in the Old Testament: Day of Atonement, First Fruits, Passover and Pentecost.


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Church Mailing Address
Spirit Of Life FellowshipTM
Administration Office
P.O. Box 136
Purchase, NY 10577-0136
Our Staff...
Bishop Dr. Valli Y. Walton
Senior Pastor & International Overseer
Elder Leonie E. Douglas
Associate Pastor & Chief Presiding Elder
Evangelist (Reverend) Joanna D. Bennett, R.N., Local Church Minister & PC Missions Elder
Missionary & Intecessory Team Leader
Evangelist (Reverend) Loretta Mayweather
SOLF Local Minister & PC Elder
Ramonia Lewis Sherwood
SOLF Official Local Church Clerk
Rev. Dr. S. Hannah Nesamani & Rev. S. Thambi
SOLM Directors — Chennai, South India
Apostle Ralph Eze
West African Representative — Nigeria
Apostle Bertram Agbanusi
SOLM Director — Onitsha
Apostle Gideon Mudenyo
Field Ministry Correspondent — East Africa
Bishop Antonio Decena
Regional Presiding Elder — Southern Philippines


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