Famine Disaster KENYA July 7, 2011
A drought in Africa, described as the worst one in decades, is threatening up to 10 million lives. Our Spirit of Life Missions Church Pastors in Kenya are crying for emergency assistance.Aid agencies have scrambled to help countries in the Horn of Africa in response to a call from the UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief, who say famine is imminent.Baroness Amos says there must be a united international approach to the relief effort in the affected areas, including large areas of Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya.The government of Kenya has declared the situation as a national disaster.

Food prices in some parts of Kenya were up to 80% higher than the five year average, while in Ethiopia, the consumer price index jumped about 41%. Cattle and sheep are dying at higher rates than usual, reaching up to 60% of mortality in some areas. More than 1000 Somali refugees arrive daily at the refugee settlements of Daadab in northern Kenya.

We have recently learned that the drought situation in the eastern Horn of Africa is deteriorating and unlikely to improve until next year.The situation in Daadab is grave. Thousands of Somalis are walking for weeks to reach the camp, many of them arriving acutely malnourished, dehydrated, with nothing but the clothes on their backs.Currently, almost 367,000 refugees have sought a safe haven in Daadab; it is the world's largest refugee settlement. The high influx of new refugees is putting severe pressure on already limited resources. Thus, more funding is needed to help the refugees in Kenya as well."Refugees need urgent support. They need food and water. At the same time, funding is needed to provide emergency assistance for Kenyans who are also affected by the current drought" Gwynne-Vaughan says. We are very concerned about the refugees and also the believers who are part of our outreach. SOLF needs your immediate help so that we may help the pastors to obtain food and water for their families and the people they are shepherding. Many in Uganda are also beginning to feel the effects of the famine as food prices in Uganda are skyrocketing as well. Charitable donations can be made online at spiritoflifefellowship.org or via snail-mail to the church: Spirit Of Life Fellowship, Kenyan Disaster Relief, P.O. Box 136, Purchase, NY 10577-0136. Whatever you are able to do is helpful.

Thanks for being the helping hands to missions!

Agape, Bishop Dr. Valli

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